Sunday, March 16, 2008

Meeting Minutes March 9th, 2008

House Meeting Notes - Sunday March 16th, 2008

Hypes & Gripes:
S~ G: Sad about D.
H: Happy about Mommy.
O~ G: Tension in upper back.
H: Excited because the new house is coming together. Kind of becoming liveable. Shower curtain is installed.
J~ G: Feeling frustrated with job this week. Easy enough, but just not 'doing it'. Not being here. It is paying the bills though, get to meet the neighbors.
H: We have 95% of tree wholes dug, ready to receive trees. Likes the new lavendar plant.
D~ G: School.
H: 3500$ in scholarships received in the past week. Spring and spring break are coming.
B~ G: Not enough hours in the day.
H: New job is so wonderful. Very excited about working outside in Boulder town. Arborist exam on April 17th. Can't wait to see the greenhouse.
M~ G: Food in refridgerator. 2 containers of personal leftovers were eaten. Problem with food stamp paperwork. Car battery cost 93$, but it's up and running now. Damn stomach is just cramping, don't know why. Doctor was very rough.
H: Daughter is moving closer. Moved yesterday into L-town. Work done last week is great. Got some work-outs in.

Last House Meeting Notes: last two weeks approved

Chores (rotation, etc.):
M: Porch
J: Kitchen
O: Bathroom, Common Laundry, Laundry Room
B: Commons Upstairs & Downstairs
D: Trash

J: Everyone is paid for March for food & housing. Bulk food order this week. Michael is still ahead for March. Food budget is "moving back to baseline". Create signs to facilitate guest worm bin use and composting, etc.
M: Two more pieces of trim in commons to go.
B: Note taking, website. Preparing house for recycling. B can take recycling to work.
D: House Meeting Enforcement. Call A & P for house meeting. Spreadsheet for volunteer hours logged, email to Johnathon for printing.
O: Show everyone how to concoct cleaning agents.
J & D: Food buying process and discussion report.

Completed Business:
1) Paving walkway with flagstone, recap cement porch steps. M would like help pulling up old concrete in walkway.
2) M's son might be staying for a few days on March 15th. (A approves)
3) Missing LockBox problem has been solved. New Doorknobs for side house must be purchased.
4) O had children over to see the farm. (approved)

Old Business & Reminders:
1) Toaster Oven - clean out toaster oven otherwise it will catch fire. Easier to clean immediately after use.
2) Clean up your toenails.
3) Fruit Flies. Keep basement door closed. J & B moved the bins outside.

Ongoing Business:
1) Pan underneath Hot Water Heater to catch in case of spill.
2) J's friend is coming back from Argentina in April. Possible extended guest stay in J's room. (Everyone approves)
3) Chin up bar.
4) Stencil art in bathroom
5) Concrete Mixer.
6) Cob Wall, Foundation, etc.
7) Gray water system. Electric 3-way valve.
8) Lights in Basement area.
9) Logging volunteer hours on website.
10) Blacktail Zine discussion. Proposal to use commons for Zine meetings. (everyone approves) D proposes notifying everyone in the house prior to meetings so they have option to participate, etc.
***11) J proposes food discussion, review for food buying process, etc. Try to get done by next house meeting (March 16th)
12) Recycling. Barrels of recyclables must be cleared out before we can consider recycling. Recycling in the past has failed.
13) Make it easier for guests to participate in trash sorting (i.e worm bins, etc.) - through signs, guest awareness, etc. J offers stewardship of making signs.
14) O is missing her keys. 4 keys on a purple caribeener.
15) Potluck April 12th: approved.
16) 10 2 10 house meeting. A proposes that 10 2 10 house folks use our commons for their house meeting while they are displaced. (everyone approves)

New Business:
1) Pictures on CD-ROM from J.
2) Leftover food from the refridgerator. Someone ate Michael's leftovers. Write your name on personal items. Food discussion topic.
3) Lot of boxes around the house. Upstairs common area full of clutter. D offers to sort the stuff.

Next House Meeting
March 23rd, 2008

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