Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Meeting Minutes January 23rd, 2008

House Meeting Notes - Wednesday January 23rd, 2008

Happy New Year!

M~ G: Life is beautiful. Life is great. District attorney from Paoli. She lied to M's son about shipping to Iraq. The offer, however, is in writing. Financial problems with friend.
H: L had 25th birthday. Youngest two kids started college. M and his children have birthdays in the 20's of the month. Back is well. Made it to the final round of the Mindfulness Belle critique. Article will most likely be published.

J~ G: Anxious to see how Columbus Day comes out. Throat problem last few days is healed.
H: Awaiting grant decision. Trees for spring are ordered. Capoeira is going well. Dez is moving in. Happy to have everyone here.

B~ G: My car broke down, caused me to have a late start this week.
H: I was worried that the car wouldn't start because of the cold. Waiting for the interview with CU. Possible job this spring.

Last House Meeting Notes: approved

Chores (rotation, etc.):

M: Kitchen.
B: Commons, trash, & porch.
J: Bathroom, common laundry & laundry room.

B: Note taking, Website.
J: House Accounting: hasn't been done in two weeks. Food is paid. House is in red for food. We are catching up, though.
M: Patching, Painting.

Completed Business:
1) Shelves in Laundry Room for Food Grade Buckets.
2) We need to fill the big room. (D is moving in.)
3) Organize tool shed
4) Phone Line has been fixed for both internet and voice.

Old Business & Reminders:
1) Be careful to avoid plastic in ice-maker.

Ongoing Business:
1) Chin up bar
2) Stencil art in bathroom
3) Concrete Mixer.
4) Cob Wall, foundation, etc.
5) Gray water system. Electric 3-way valve.

New Business:
1) Put cast irons back when clean.
2) Trash & worms. Reminder: anything organic can go to worms.
3) Lights in Basement area.
4) Clean off Honey Spills from Honey jar.
5) Pan underneath Hot Water Heater to catch in case of spill.
6) J's friend is coming back from Argentina in April. Possible extended guest stay in J's room. Awaiting D's approval.
7) Review of Consensus procedure.
8) Begin logging volunteer hours on website. (i.e volunteer of the month) - approved.
9) B for february. Back up to 20 hours a week. (with blizzard awareness.)
10) Potluck on February 9th, 2008
11) Paving walkway with flagstone, recap cement porch steps

Next House Meeting
February 3rd, 2008