Sunday, July 6, 2008

Meeting Minutes July 6th, 2008

House Meeting Notes - Sunday July 6th, 2008

Hypes & Gripes:
J~ G: Heat.
H: Windmill, rabbits, less mice. Hiped about Capoeria. Went cherry
picking last week.
D~ G: It's hot, am chubby, ancestors are from the North lands, and
Teliason is meowing too much.
H: Windmill, catching rabbits, significant decrease in mouse
population in the house.
P~ G: All of the above, and lost sunglasses
H: All of the above, sold car. New sunglasses
B~ G: no gripes.
H: Job.
M~ G: Concrete never came. Back pain. It is hot.
H: Windmill, everyone worked on Thursday, less mice.

Last House Meeting Notes: approved.

Chores (rotation, etc): General Chore Discussion. J suggests more
attention to floor chores.
M: Kitchen
J: Bathroom, Common Laundry, Laundry Room
B: Commons Upstairs & Downstairs
D: Porch.
P: Trash & Recycling.

J: Accounting. J needs to find the Farm photos on the CD-ROM for the
website. House needs a first aid kit.
M: Stove Adjustment. We need to contact a repairman.
B: Note taking, website. Sort barrels of recycling
east of barn.
D: House Meeting Enforcement. Sort the boxes upstairs commons. Make
spreadsheet for logging volunteer hours.
J & D: Food buying process and discussion report.

Completed Business:
1) Mouse-House Party! Tonight at 2a.m. (May get loud) b.y.o.c
(bring your own cheese) – Ongoing discussion. Cat discussion. M is
not a cat person. D has a cat. M is upset about the mice. Taliasin,
the cat, will move in for trial period.
2) Solar Chimney discussion. Keep doors and windows closed during the
day. Open windows 30-60 minutes after sunset. Keeps the bugs out,
the solar chimney will help to circulate the cool air through the
house during the day. WINDOW SCREEN DISCUSSION.
3) Toaster Oven – clean toaster oven after use.
4) M found his trimming scissors.
5) Monthly Potluck. Juneteenth Soul-Food Birthday Solstace
Extravaganza – Tentatively June 21rst, 2008
6) House license to trap animals on property? Ongoing Discussion. D
is looking in to small game license, guns & / or trapping.
7) Chickens are not allowed in the house or on the porch.
8) House Tupperware: Bring house tupperware back!
9) Extra Shoes from the house cleaning are being thrown out. Retrieve
personal shoes from the pile or they will be taken to donation.
10) New Chore: Cat Heckling.
11) P is leaving on Thursday until 21rst.

Old Business & Reminders:
1) Recycling. Recycling center is right down the street. Recycling
discussion. J will look in to trash delivery service. Motion to
consolidate trash and recycling chore. Recycling assessment.
2) Please keep the dish rack clear of clean dishes.

Ongoing Business:
1) Chin-up bar.
2) Stencil art in bathroom.
3) Concrete Mixer.
4) Cob Wall, Foundation, etc.
5) Gray water system. Electric 3-way valve needed.
6) Lights in Basement area
7) Blacktail Zine Discussion. Proposal to use commons for Zine
meetings. (approved)
8) Pan underneath Hot Water Heater to catch in case of spill.
9) Food buying discussion.
10) Workers for the summer. Camping workers tentatively approved.
11) Community Compost Dump. New sign needed concerning community compost.
12) Dripline Timing, 10p.m-4:10a.m / 5:30a.m-7:30p.m. Watering
discussion. Alternative source of water needed. Everything is

New Business:
1) Food discussion:
Milk: house cow milk is approved.
Produce: try to buy organic produce.
Beef: try to buy ethically.
Local, Farmer's Markets, etc: when possible.
2) Rain Delay: Possibly shifting timing of dripline. Ongoing discussion.
3) July 12th - 16th Unconventional Action (Sat-Wed): Proposal to use
Blacktail Space for protest action training, Ongoing discussion.
4) Kitchen sink clutter. Superfilous scrubby things.
5) Cat outside. Yowling is because T has made it outside. Cat discussion.
6) Hose needs hardware to repair. More seeds needed for planters.

Next House Meeting:
July 13th, 2008