Sunday, October 14, 2007

Meeting Minutes October 14, 2007

House Meeting Notes - Sunday October 14, 2007

J~ G: summer is gone; miss summer alot.
H: knee is feeling much better. support brace is working. Thanks his
brother, J. Feel comfortable materially.

M~ G: none.
H: stoked about his back. Slowly healing. Enjoyed having L over. House
is looking good.

B~ G: rainy weather. Boo! fell off my bicycle. doing alright though.
H: saw the Rockapellas. car will be functioning this week.

Chores (rotation, etc.):
* general: J needs to clean refrigerator. M requests help with back intensive chores.

J: Bathroom laundry & laundry room.
M: Kitchen
B: Commons, trash, & porch

B: Note taking, Website
J: House accounting: Everyone is generally paid in full, but still lagging in accounting.
M: Needs warm weather for spackling & patching. expects warm weather Wednesday. Barn assessment / walk through Monday.

Last House Meeting Notes: approved.

Old Business & Reminders:
1) The paper bag in the bathroom is for paper only. It is for the
worm bin.
2) Lights reminder: please turn off lights when not in use.
3) Recycling: Has been tried in the past. No facility near-by. No one
has taken it in the past when it is full. Recycling center is very
far away. To be considered. Someone can take a recycling stewardship.

Ongoing Business:
1) Shelves on front porch. B will collect recycled wood for the shelves
for M to fit. Shelves are approved for installation.
2) Chin-up bar project: Ideas welcome.
3) Stencil art in bathroom: stencils tell a story. also paint the \
bathroom. (b & j potential deadline October 21rst.
[before j has court])

New Business:
1) Possible Shelves in Laundry Room to hold food grade
buckets / bulk food.
2) Concrete Mixer price estimates?
3) We need to fill the last room. J has been posting to craigslist. \
Talk with friends, etc.
4) We need to organize the tool shed!

Next House Meeting:
October 21, 2007 7:00p.m

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