Monday, October 8, 2007

Meeting Minutes October 8, 2007

House Meeting Notes - Monday October 8, 2007

J~ G: got arrested at the Columbus Day protest
H: feels that this action is important. Is grabbing the
alienation of society by the horns. Louis Vuitton was awesome
this week. Lots of fun.

M~ G: back pain.
H: Blactail is perfect for healing, spiritual physical, etc.
Feels J handled arrest with grace. New piece will be published.

B: G: My car needs a bleeder screw.
H: Mission Statement, meeting notes now online. Trailer is fixed, we can get hay, etc.

Chores (rotation, etc.):
J: Kitchen
M: Commons, trash, & porch
B: Bathroom laundry, and laundry room

B: Note taking
J: House Accounting, everyone is current & paid. Still lagging on updating the accounting for food and member dues for September.
M: Patching up the House. We need a "runner" for painting, etc: Also paint brush, bucket of vinyl spackling putty ~1/2 gallon. Will give J list of needed items to repair barn structure.

Last House Meeting Notes: approved.

Old Business:
1) Aaron is not moving in for two weeks.
2) Don't run washer and dryer at the same time. Don't leave sink full of dirty dish water because it will stain the sink.

New Business:
1) Let's consider building a shelf or shelves in the front porch area. J will get needed materials to fix table for porch. M knows how to build a shelf with recycled materials.
2) Now that trailer is fixed, we can get hay for various projects. Hay is in the budget.
3) The paper bag in the bathroom is for paper only. It is for the worm bin.
4) M suggests a chin up bar. Possibly between two trees in the front yard.
5) Lights reminder: please turn off lights when not in use.
6) Stencil art in bathroom: stencils tell a story. also paint the bathroom. (b & j potential deadline October 21rst.[before j has court])
7) Recycling: Has been tried in the past. No facility near-by. No one has taken it in the past when it is full. Recycling center is very far away. To be considered. Someone can take a recycling stewardship.

Next House Meeting:
October 14, 2007 7:00p.m

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