Monday, February 25, 2008

Meeting Minutes February 25th, 2008

House Meeting Notes - Monday February 25th, 2008

Hypes & Gripes:
J~ G: Feeling gloomy.
H: Loves D being here. Hyped about volunteer help that we're getting. Feels pretty healthy.
B~ G: No Gripes. Harmony & blessings.
H: Income tax. Excited about the trees & the greenhouse. Spring is near. Went on a bike ride yesterday to regional park with K. Learning a new computer language which is fun.
M~ G: Doctor. No gripes.
H: New D energy. Ongoing projects.
D~ G: School is busy. Denver early in the morning.
H: School money is good. Excited about being here and the involvement in the projects ongoing. A & S are moving in. Spring is coming. 10-2-10 new house project is great.

Last House Meeting Notes: approved

Chores (rotation, etc.):
J proposes new dividing of Chores - (kitchen)(bathroom, common laundry, laundry room)(commons up & down)(trash, porch)

M: Bathroom, Common Laundry, Laundry Room
J: Commons Upstairs & Downstairs
B: Porch & Trash
D: Kitchen

J: Food budget is well. Michael is contributing more than needed.
M: Downstairs commons painted. Trim work ongoing. Will be back at it next week, after doctor appointment.
B: Note taking, Website.
D: House Meeting Enforcement. Has license to use physical force.

Completed Business:
1) D has moved in.
2) Potluck was a huge success.

Old Business & Reminders:
1) Put cast irons back when clean.
2) Trash & worms. Reminder: anything organic can go to worms. J has noticed bannana peels and other organic matter in the general trash. FEED THE WORMS! Salty & vinegar only thing not fed to worms.
3) Review of Consensus procedure. Differences between consensus and democracy.
4) Clean off Honey Spills from Honey Jar.

Ongoing Business:
1) Pan underneath Hot Water Heater to catch in case of spill.
2) J's friend is coming back from Argentina in April. Possible extended guest stay in J's room. (Everyone approves)
3) Chin up bar.
4) Stencil art in bathroom
5) Concret Mixer.
6) Cob Wall, Foundation, etc.
7) Gray water system. Electric 3-way valve.
8) Lights in Basement area.
9) Logging volunteer hours on website.
10) Paving walkway with flagstone, recap cement porch steps. M would like help pulling up old concrete in walkway.

New Business:
1) J proposes new dividing of Chores - (kitchen)(bathroom, common laundry, laundry room)(commons up & down)(trash, porch) - tentatively approved. S is responsible for all trash removal.
2) J proposes food discussion, review for food buying process, etc.
3) Recycling. Barrels of recyclables must be cleared out before we can consider recycling. Recycling in the past has failed.
4) Make it easier for guests to participate in trash sorting (i.e worm bins, etc.) - through signs, guest awareness, etc.
5) M's son might be staying for a few days on March 15th.
6) Review of personal house guest procedures.
7) Toaster Oven - clean out toaster oven otherwise it will catch fire. Easier to clean immediately after use.
8) Potluck April 12th: tentatively approved.
9) Trash in porch area. Be aware of trash left in the front of the house.
10) B for march. Tentative 25 hours for March.
11) A & S discussion. Food, etc.
12) Keep a eye out for the Lock Box. It is missing. J's dad needs it. Important for grounds.
13) Streamline house meetings - Ongoing business is considered acknowledged through previous house meeting approval

Next House Meeting
March 2nd, 2008

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